Sarah as Musician

bassoon reeds shared under a CC license by Olivier Gutknecht

I have played a musical instrument since I was 6, beginning with short stints on piano and flute. At age 11, I fell for the bassoon and never made it back up. I have played in the Vermont Youth Orchestra, various youth festivals, and the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra.

In college, I joined the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum and singing became an important part of my life. While living in the San Francisco area, I sang with The International Orange Chorale, a group of young musicians who perform a vast repertoire of pieces but focus on new works by today's composers. Since moving to Houston, I travel too much for work to be a regular member of any group but still find myself singing and playing bassoon.

Languages, Les Langues, Los Idiomas or yǔyán

I love languages. I enjoy learning them, struggling as I speak them after a hiatus, and traveling and relying on them to get from one town to another or find that oh so important public restroom. I have at one point in time been conversational in Spanish, French, and Chinese. My levels in each now vary based on who I am around, what classes I am taking, and which countries I am in.

Running and Triathlons

Fresh, Local Food

While shopping at the local farmer's market isn't really a skill or hobby, I love to make my way to a Saturday's market. I am invigorated walking around the stalls in the fresh morning air and supporting things I care about: family-run farms, better agricultural practices, familiar merchants, and great tasting produce.